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Copyright information: The copyright of all images and designs in this store is held by GeeWhizArt (unless indicated otherwise on individual designs and products).     In most cases the designs, photographs and illustrations in the GeeWhizArt Store are entirely original and have been created by, and are owned in full by GeeWhizArt. Where a particular design uses photographs or illustrations from another source (in part or in full) we have ensured that this use does not breach any copyright and that we have obtained any necessary permissions and licenses. Where a particular design uses vintage photographs or illustrations (in part or in full) we have ensured, to the best of our ability, that the images are out-of-copyright.     Full records of sources are kept and any necessary licenses or other documentation can be provided on request.     At all times we respect the copyright of others as defined by the copyright regulations of the United States, the United Kingdom and any country covered by the Berne Convention. Using these designs: At this time we've selected Zazzle to provide the printing and fulfillment service for the wide range of products using GeeWhizArt designs found on this site.     If you wish to use one of our designs on any other product or for any other purpose, please get in touch with GeeWhizArt directly. If you want to try it on another Zazzle product that isn't currently using it, just ask and we'll be delighted to set a product up for you using the design, provided it is suitable for said product (some designs don't work on some products so we can't promise to always be able to do this).
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